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TU Delft Timetable Interface – Interface impression

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in Eveoh

At the start of the first semester the TU Delft started using a new system for all timetables. From the schedulers point of view this system was a big improvement, but unfortunately the interface for students ( lacked some features students would like to have. Back in October i started working on an alternative interface system together with Maarten van der Beek, Marco Krikke and Mike Noordermeer. Our target was to make a system that would work intuitive, integrate with blackboard and save preferences for later visits. Furthermore exporting to digital calendars was a big must-have. Yesterday we started doing the final tests on the system, we are still looking for testers. Send us a mail at if you are interested. Meanwhile here is an overview of the new interface i would like to share with you.