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WP7 app analytics using mTiks in just 5 minutes

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

This post is part of a follow up series on my TechDays session on “Making Money with Windows Phone applications”. See this post for more info and an index. mtiks1 Why build in analytics into your mobile application? This subject has been covered in many blog posts an their conclusion is usually the same. First of all you just want to know how many people use your app and how often they do it. But knowing (at least to some extent) what part of your app is used the most and what epic feature is never found by users is also valuable. As a developer there’s plenty of frameworks to choose from:
In this post I will cover mTiks, since it’s just too easy to get started. You’ll be able to instrument your app in literally just a few minutes.

Making Money with Windows Phone applications at TechDays 2012

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

Last week the yearly event for Dutch developers on the Microsoft platform took place in The Hague. Just like last year I did a session on “Making money with Windows Phone applications”. The session is targeted at an audience that is new to the platform. It covers all the subjects that are relevant for earning some money except the building of the app itself (there’s other sessions for that). Although the content is pretty basic it does give interesting insights in opportunities to make the most out of your apps. Since people keep asking me about the different subjects I decided to cover everything in some blogposts over the coming week. Some subjects have been covered in the past. This post will server as an index to those posts, feel free to suggest additions if there’s anything you would like to know. The session covered these subjects, I will update them with links when I published the relevant blogposts: The session itself was presented in Dutch and is available on Channel9. The slides are in English and are available through SlideShare.
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