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SISLink 2010

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in Eveoh

De afgelopen twee dagen was ik op de conferentie SISLink 2010 “Schakelen in de keten”. Op deze conferentie waren zowel leveranciers als gebruikers van studentinformatiesystemen aanwezig. Er werden vooral veel ervaringen uitgewisseld en als mede-ontwikkelaar van het My Timetable building block voor de TU Delft mocht ik dan ook een presentatie van een uur afleveren. Mijn presentatie is te vinden op slideshare:

TU Delft Timetable Interface – Interface impression

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in Eveoh

At the start of the first semester the TU Delft started using a new system for all timetables. From the schedulers point of view this system was a big improvement, but unfortunately the interface for students ( lacked some features students would like to have. Back in October i started working on an alternative interface system together with Maarten van der Beek, Marco Krikke and Mike Noordermeer. Our target was to make a system that would work intuitive, integrate with blackboard and save preferences for later visits. Furthermore exporting to digital calendars was a big must-have. Yesterday we started doing the final tests on the system, we are still looking for testers. Send us a mail at if you are interested. Meanwhile here is an overview of the new interface i would like to share with you.