WP7 Review Reader – Status update & CSV Export

Written by Tom Verhoeff on. Posted in WP7

Three months ago i released the Windows Phone 7 Review Reader to give WP7 developers easy access to their app reviews all over the world. It was meant to be a temporary solution until the App Hub was updated with extra features like accessing app reviews. During the last 90 days we’ve seen some big improvements to the App Hub (download numbers, for starters) but we are still waiting for some extra features. My little tool already had over 50K pageviews since its launch on the 2nd of November so it should be clear that developers want this information. To fill the gap that’s still left by Microsoft i will start to add new features to the review reader on a regular basis starting today. I already recieved feature requests both via twitter and e-mail. Some of the things people would like to have:
  • CSV/Excel export
  • Search app by name
  • Save favorite apps
  • Link to the reviewers ID page
As a first little update i implemented a simple CSV export which provides an easy way to get all the reviews into software like Excel. Starting today you will see a little CSV button on top of the screen (don’t forget to clear your cache if it’s not visible yet). The next update will make it possible to search apps using text, just like you would search on the marketplace. In the meantime you might want to check out reviews for some of the most downloaded apps on the marketplace right now: If you still have any features requests, please let me know!

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