WP7 Review Reader Update

Written by Tom Verhoeff on. Posted in MSP, WP7

It has been a while since I last updated the WP7 Review Reader. The tool is used by a vast amount of developers generating 15K-20K pageviews a month. Since some features were still missing and some features needed fixing I decided to quickly put together an updated version. Here’s the list of added features and fixes:
  • Fixed the number of reviews since last update count
  • Fixed CSV export
  • Now loads all reviews for a marketplace, instead of just the first 100
  • Improved overall performance
The update is now live at http://wp7reviews.tomverhoeff.com/ Is there any feature you currently miss? Or do you have any other feedback? Feel free to contact me by using the comments, the contact page or through Twitter

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  • peSHIr


    You didn’t create an actual WP7 app version of this yet, did you…? (Or did I miss it?)


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