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WP7 Review Reader Update

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

It has been a while since I last updated the WP7 Review Reader. The tool is used by a vast amount of developers generating 15K-20K pageviews a month. Since some features were still missing and some features needed fixing I decided to quickly put together an updated version. Here’s the list of added features and fixes:
  • Fixed the number of reviews since last update count
  • Fixed CSV export
  • Now loads all reviews for a marketplace, instead of just the first 100
  • Improved overall performance
The update is now live at Is there any feature you currently miss? Or do you have any other feedback? Feel free to contact me by using the comments, the contact page or through Twitter

WP7NL Apps – Statistics and Update

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

About 6 weeks ago I released the first version of WP7NL Apps to the marketplace. An application that would provide a seperate place for Dutch content on the Windows Phone marketplace as long as we have to life without our own marketplace. The app received quite some attention online which led to over 1000 downloads as of the 14th of May. For an app specifically targeted at the Dutch market this isn’t bad at all (but of course we can do better). In this post I would like to share some statistics and I am also to happy to finally announce the next update.

Things to consider before submitting your WP7 App

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

After countless hours of work you finally finished your amazing WP7 app. The first thing you think of now is getting the application out on the marketplace as soon as possible. Unfortunately many developers still waste the potential of their application by not taking time to carefully think about how users are going to find and use their application. Taking a little extra time to think about marketing will pay off in the end. The whole process of getting your app published is quite straightforward, but in this post I will cover some of the things I came across that you might want to consider. This is one out of a series of follow-up posts to my session at the Dutch DevDays.

Result Zune

Speaking at DevDays 2011

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in MSP, WP7

Last Friday I presented a session at the Dutch Microsoft DevDays in the Hague. It was a tips & tricks session about earning money with Windows Phone 7 apps in which I covered everything except the app development itself. Subjects covered included the marketplace submission process, trial & marketplace tasks, advertising, reports & feedback and runtime intelligence. The goal was to provide a high-level overview of the different aspects of making money with WP7 applications to motivate all developers to spend just a little more time thinking about marketing their app. My session has been recorded and will be published on Channel9 later this week, it was presented in Dutch and therefore probably irrelevant to most of the world 😉

I will publish some in-depth blogposts covering marketplace submission, trial mode, marketplace tasks, advertising, reports & feedback and runtime intelligence during this and next week. I blogged about implementing trial mode back in December, but I will also publish a new and improved post on this subject. This years DevDays have been yet another great experience and I want to thank everyone for making it happen, especially Arie Leeuwesteijn and Matthijs Hoekstra. It has been great catching up with the Dutch WP7 community and other speakers. See you all next year!

Finally, WP7NL Apps now available!

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in WP7

A few days ago i announced the upcoming application “WP7NL Apps”. The app will provide easy access to all currently available WP7 apps published from the Netherlands. I just got notified that version 1.0 has passed testing and will be available in the marketplace within a few hours. Matthijs Hoekstra provided a list of all Dutch applications, so the app will list all 144 apps and their 72 publishers. Please note that this is version 1.0 and an improved version 1.1 has already been submitted. This will fix list tombstoning and contains some minor improvements. Direct link The feedback I received on this concept has been very positive and some people suggested some other countries could also benefit from an app like this. It would be great to provide an app to other countries. If you would like to help to get an app in your country out, please get in touch with me. Basically all i need is a list of AppIds which your local Microsoft representative might be able to provide.  

Introducing WP7NL Apps

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in WP7

It has been half a year since the first Windows Phone 7 devices went on sale in the Netherlands. While we are still awaiting the launch of our localized marketplace the group of early adaptors is growing. With over 450 registered developers and over 120 published apps there is a decent community supporting WP7. Unfortunately all Dutch users are forced to choose one of the foreign marketplaces to be able to download applications. This has one big disadvantage, Dutch apps never get the attention they deserve. What we need is our own spot within the international marketplaces and that is exactly what the “WP7NL Apps” application is going to provide.

Get in touch with your WP7 App Reviewers

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in WP7

It’s a problem encountered by every (WP7) app developer: users leaving reviews and there’s just no way to contact them. How often did you want to clarify features misunderstood by a user? Or just want to let the user know you appreciate the input and will consider their feedback for a future update? A while ago Silverlight MVP and PicturesLab developer Rene Schulte shared his manual way of contacting reviewers through Zune social on his blog. Although this works in only 50% of the cases it is the best method I am currently aware off. Therefore I decided to integrate messaging users with the existing WP7 Review Reader I built a while ago. This provides developers with an easy way of contacting their customers. Here’s how to use it:

Tethering with Samsung Omnia 7 on Vodafone (NL)

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in WP7

The first rumours about tethering on the Samsung Omnia 7 and other WP7 devices started showing up a few months ago already. Since i love tethering for those few moments a really need an internet connection on my laptop, but don’t have wifi or my internet dongle around i decided to give it a shot with my Omnia 7. It requires a bigger effort than internet sharing back in the days with WM6.5, but I’m happy it works anyway. Here’s what you need to do:

WP7 Review Reader – Status update & CSV Export

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in WP7

Three months ago i released the Windows Phone 7 Review Reader to give WP7 developers easy access to their app reviews all over the world. It was meant to be a temporary solution until the App Hub was updated with extra features like accessing app reviews. During the last 90 days we’ve seen some big improvements to the App Hub (download numbers, for starters) but we are still waiting for some extra features. My little tool already had over 50K pageviews since its launch on the 2nd of November so it should be clear that developers want this information. To fill the gap that’s still left by Microsoft i will start to add new features to the review reader on a regular basis starting today.

Howto: Undo iCal import in Google Calendar

Written by Tom Verhoeff. Posted in Eveoh

Imagine this situation: you just imported your full schedule for this semester into your main Google Calendar when you decide make some changes to your courses or want to switch to an iCal feed. In this and many other cases it would be nice if Google provided any form of undo import option. Unfortunately there is no automated way of doing this just yet, so manually deleting all events seems to be the only option. Somebody came up to me today asking if there is any way of solving this problem, so i figured something out. All you need is the original ics file and a simple text editor.